Welcome again to another episode of the Automate & Delegate Podcast where we teach you fast, flexible, and smart ways to grow your life, your business, and your relationships. I am excited to share the journey with Linh Tran who is on the show with us today. He’s got a really interesting story and a lot of you maybe have navigated from corporate in the entrepreneurial world and he’s going to share some real insight into that journey.

Topics discussed with Linh today:

  • Linh’s journey and how his systems-oriented approach helped him choose which industry to invest himself into
  • The #1 challenge of Linh’s industry is finding qualified people who know how to fix things and how he uses automation to refine his process of recruiting
  • How billing automation freed up 20% of what was on the plate of his internal staffers and the positive snowball effect this caused from a financial standpoint
  • The benefits of creating a spirit of engagement within your staff

Don’t forget to check out this weeks featured tool for entrepreneurs below!

  • Thankster was originally created to fulfill a very simple mission – to greatly ease the burden of writing thank you notes and greeting cards, such as holiday cards.
  • These cards are often expected to be written in your own handwriting, and yet they tend to be very repetitive and very numerous – and as a result, very laborious to write.
  • Thankster makes this process simpler by letting you type in the notes, starting with a core message that you can edit individually for each recipient, if desired.

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